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Bedsaver Truck Bed Protection

Avoid damage to Your Truck Bed if the Fifth Wheel Comes Unhitched.

It happens to the best of us. We do not hitch the fifth wheel securely or we forget to latch the receiver safety locking latch when hitching up. Pulling forward unhitches the fifth wheel causing it to slide down and into the bed of the truck. Expensive damage results to both the fifth wheel and the truck, and this is still a good scenario. I have heard stories from veteran RV'ers who have pulled out early in the morning when it is still fairly dark and forgotten to secure the receiver safety latch. In this case you pull out of the park and head on down the interstate. Blue Ox 5th wheel hitch bedsaver It is now up to luck as to if the fifth wheel will unhitch at some point during travel. In the cases I have seen, the fifth wheel did unhitch and it was normally coming into a turn onto bumpy ground, which is normally the entrance to the RV park. The fifth wheel came unhitched slid down onto the bed of the truck and then kept going either stopping at the tail gate or continuing down until it landed on its landing gear. Either way the damage was extensive.

The Solution - The Blue Ox Bedsaver

For under $300 the Bedsaver from Blue Ox will provide peace of mind for the day your fifth wheel does come unhitched. As they say in the fifth wheel world - "It's not if, it's when." Personally I have always remained a little un-easy driving down the interstate and knowing that I only have a metal locking mechanism between my truck and 14,000 lbs of trailer behind me. The "what if it came unhitched" question always haunted me.

Peace of Mind

Blue Ox 5th wheel hitch bedsaver The Blue Ox Bedsaver is a unique solution that is easy to install and provides that extra safety for an unhitched fifth wheel. It the fifth wheel does come unhitched it is caught by the Bedsaver and held in place before any damage is done. The fifth wheel can still be pulled if need be, to get it to a safe location. Then drop the landing gear and re-hitch the fifth wheel safely. If the fifth wheel came unhitched when pulling forward out of the RV park, you just saved a good few thousand dollars in damage to the truck and the fifth wheel. If it came unhitched on the interstate you just saved lives.
The Bedsaver comes in black. For the purpose of the video the Bedsaver is yellow so it can be seen clearly.