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5th Wheel Hitch Comparison & Review

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5th Wheel Hitch Comparison and Reviews

Below are a selection of 5th wheel hitches that have the best reviews and have proven themselves under all types of conditions. One of the most common problems with a hitch that most 5th wheel owners try to avoid is chucking. Every time you stop or pull off with the fifth wheel attached you hear and feel an audible annoying clunk from the back of your tow vehicle. This can be a result of the king pin moving in the hitch jaws or the legs of the hitch having play where they attach to the bed of the truck. Either way it is annoying and is the number one complaint that 5th wheel owners have about their hitch.
It is worth spending the money on a good hitch as it is a long term investment. Once you have bought the hitch you will be using it for the total duration of your travels and it is doubtful you will need to buy another hitch unless you buy a larger 5th wheel that requires a larger hitch.

B&W RVK3300 Companion 20,000 lb 5th wheel Hitch

B and W RVK3300 Companion hitch If you have been researching hitches you will have found that B&W hitches are one of the most highly rated hitches amongst 5th wheel owners. The B&W RVK3300 is a 20,000 lb hitch that fits the Ford Puck Rail System. This hitch is chosen for its solid design and overall performance with attention paid to small details. The head of the hitch separates easily from the base by pulling two safety pins, so it's much easier to get out of the truck than one-piece designs.

Fifth Wheel owners need the ability to easily remove the hitch from the truck bed so that the truck can be used for loading other items without the hitch taking up bed space. The B&H RVK3300 weighs 160lbs, so it is very helpful that the hitch can be seperated into two pieces for removal. B&W puts chains on all the pins which keeps them from going missing when the hitch is stored. The hitch has a double jaw and you can visually see that the jaw is closed. The hitch is well built and all user reviews show the hitch to be very secure and quiet when towing. To use this hitch your Ford truck will need the Puck Rail System installed which eliminates rails in the bed of the truck.

B&W 3200 16,000 lb 5th wheel Hitch

The B&W 3200 is a 16,000 lb hitch and weighs 147 lbs. This hitch also conveniently seperates into two pieces so that it is easier to to remove from the truck bed. The manufacturing quality of this hitch is high and everything about the hitch reflects quality. The hitch has a thick powder coating which will protect the hitch while outside in the elements, and a fully articulating head allowing front to back and side to side pivoting. The hitch has four vertical adjustments from 16" to 19" and 4" of front to back adjustment with two coupler positions. The front to back adjustment is helpful if you have a shorter truck bed as you can adjust the hitch to stop the fifth wheel contacting the cab of the truck. Ford Puck Rail System

Curt Q24 24,000 lb 5th wheel Hitch

The Curt Q24 5th wheel hitch is a 24,000 lb hitch that features dual jaws that provide 360-degree kingpin contact to stop any chucking while towing. The jaws of the hitch are easily visible once the fifth wheel is hooked up so you can see that the jaws have closed correctly and there is no possibility of the fifth wheel disconnecting. This hitch weighs 136 lbs and fits standard bed rails. The self-aligning head offers a wide opening which makes it easier for hitching the fifth wheel. This hitch has a three-position coupling indicator which is clearly visible from the truck cab as long as you have a clear line of sight into the truck bed, and no truck box blocking your view.

Curt Q24 24000 lb hitch

Curt Q25 16039 25,000 lb 5th wheel Hitch with Ford Puck System Legs

This Curt hitch fits the Ford puck system and features a quarter-turn anchoring system provides quick installation and removal. Adjustable anchors to eliminate chucking between the legs and under-bed platform and make for a quiet ride while towing. The hitch has a spherical axial bearing for unimpeded head movement and dual jaws provide 360-degree kingpin contact. The jaws are clearly visible so that a visual check can be done to make sure the Fifth Wheel is hitched securely. This hitch weighs approx. 140 lbs. The hitch has a 3-Point indicator system. The color coding tells you if hitch is ready to uncouple, couple or tow and the lock indicators are large enough that they are visible from cab. The hitch has a 2-Pin head removal system that allows the hitch to be removed in two pieces, which makes it easy for one person to remove the hitch from the bed of the truck. Built-in cushioning absorbs road shock on the hitch. There is 4 inches of height adjustment on the hitch. Curt Q25 25000 lb hitch

Curt 16049 Q25 25,000 lb RAM Puck System 5th wheel Hitch

This 5th wheel hitch is designed for the Dodge RAM Puck System. The hitch has a 2-Jaw locking system which provides 360-degree jaw-to-king-pin contact. The 3-Point indicator system with color coding tells you if the hitch is ready to uncouple, couple or tow and the lock indicators are large enough that they are visible from the trucks cab as long as you can see the hitch. The 5th hitch has a unique spherical axial bearing which allows easy pivoting of the hitch head. The hitch has smooth, 360-degree movement and not just front-to-back and side-to-side tilting like other hitches. There is built-in cushioning which absorbs road shock and a lockable handle lets you easily secure the trailer to the hitch with a padlock. The self-aligning head pivots for simple hookup and the jaws of the hitch are visible so that you can verify that the fifth wheel is hitched securely. Hitch weight is approx. 115 lbs. Curt Q25 RAM Puck 25000 lb hitch

Andersen Hitches 3220 Aluminum 5th Wheel Hitch

All of the hitches above are heavy steel hitches weighing on average 140 lbs. Andersen Hitches has developed a hitch that is Aluminum and only weighs 40 lbs. It is very easy to remove from the bed of the truck due to its low weight. When we first saw this hitch our main thought was that it would be very difficult for Andersen to sell this hitch based on how lightweight it looked. Most 5th wheel owners want a beefy heavy hitch that they feel confident hooking their Fifth Wheel to. But the Andersen hitch has received good reviews and 5th wheel owners have shown that they are willing to use the hitch based on its light weight. One person can easily remove the hitch from the truck bed, and one has remember that the weight of the 5th wheel hitch reduces the overall payload of the truck. If you have a 140 lb hitch, that is 140 lbs less for the payload of the truck. This hitch only weighs 40 lbs. Which leaves 100 lbs for cargo. The hitch features a patented latching mechanism. The hitch is rated for 24,000 lbs and 4,500 lbs tongue weight and has a greaseless coupler. There are three height adjustments: 16-3/4" lower position, 17-7/8" middle position, and 19-1/8" upper position (from bed of truck to top of ball mount). The hitch also works with all standard brands of gooseneck hitches. The red adapter you see in the picture connects to the 5th wheel king pin, which allows the king pin to then connect to the ball on the hitch. The cable release mechanism allows easy access from the side of the truck without having to lean into the truck bed to try and reach a hitch release lever. Andersen hitch

What is the best 5th Wheel Hitch

From all of the user reviews and feedback we have received, the B and W hitches are the most highly rated 5th wheel hitch. They are engineered to very high standards, are solid dependable hitches and are one of the most quite hitches with no chucking present. The hitch has a thoughtful design with high quality powder coating which ensures the hitch is protected and chains on all of the pins which ensures that they are not lost when the hitch is removed from the truck. The hitch is removed in two pieces which makes it easier to remove a heavy hitch from the bed of the truck. The hitch has double jaws that are easily visible to ensure that the 5th wheel has been securely attached. There is a fully articulating head allowing front to back and side to side pivoting which is important when traveling on uneven terrain. The hitch has four vertical adjustments from 16" to 19" and 4" of front to back adjustment with two coupler positions. Installation and removal from the bed of the truck is simple.

Using a Lube Plate on a Fifth Wheel Hitch

Your hitch requires a lubricant between the hitch and the pin box of the 5th wheel. A lube plate can make for a much cleaner hitch and there is no need to grease the hitch which can result in a build-up of dirt and sand in the grease which essentially acts like sandpaper bewteen the hitch and 5th wheel pin box. Below is a link to a video demonstrating how to install a lube plate on your Fifth Wheel hitch. How to Install a Lube Plate on a 5th Wheel Hitch

Regularly Inspect Your 5th Wheel Pin Box For Cracking

As a part of your routine 5th wheel inspection, it is a very good idea to check your 5th wheel pin box for any signs of cracking. When the Fifth Wheel is connected to the trucks hitch, any sudden road shock is transferred from the hitch up to the 5th wheel pin box and into the steel frame that connects the pin box to the 5th wheel. After time the frame and pin box can start to show signs of stress and thin hairline cracks appear in the welds. If these hairline cracks are not addressed they will develop into major structural damage and the 5th wheel will not be towable. It is better to find out that you have a problem with cracking when you are able to address the problem and hopefully not when you are boondocking in the middle of nowhere. Add this visual inspection to your list of routine maintenance items for your 5th wheel, especially if you travel with the 5th wheel extensively. Link to Frame and Pin Box Cracking Articles/News

How To Install The Andersen Aluminum Fifth Wheel Hitch

If you are thinking of purchasing an Andersen light weight hitch, here is a video showing how to install the hitch and how the hitch works.