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Fifth Wheel Hitching

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Easily Line Up The Truck Hitch with The Trailer King Pin
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How to Hitch a Fifth Wheel

Hitching your fifth wheel correctly is one of the most important procedures to learn before you hitch-up and haul your fifth wheel on the interstate. There are many videos that show how to hitch a fifth wheel RV, but most of them are either incomplete or show a completely wrong procedure. The hitching procedure below shows: How to avoid High Pinning which can cause damage to your hitch and cause the RV to come unhitched and drop into the bed of your truck. The Tug Test is one of the most important steps to hitching a Fifth Wheel. You raise the Fifth Wheel landing gear an inch or so and then engage the trailer brakes and pull forward slightly with the truck. If the Fifth Wheel is not hitched correctly, it will come unhitched and drop safely onto its landing gear. If this step is missed and the 5th wheel is not hitched properly, it will drop into the bed of the truck causing extensive damage to the truck bed side rails.

Have a look at our cheap solution to easily aligning the fifth wheel pin with your hitch when backing up to the Fifth Wheel. Especially when a truck box blocks your view into the truck bed.
How to Align a 5th Wheel Hitch and Trailer King Pin