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Avoiding Low Clearance Obstructions

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Avoiding Low Clearance Obstructions with a Fifth Wheel

Avoiding low clearance obstructions with a fifth wheel often means doing some trip planning in advance. It is easy to get yourself into a very tight spot if you are unaware of a low clearance bridge on your route. One of the ways to avoid low clearance bridges is to use a GPS that has bridge height data built in. The drawback to this system is that not all bridges are in the system, especially bridges that are on small roads into state parks and back country campgrounds. Another way is to use a Rand Mcnally road atlas that truckers use to get low bridge data on their route.
A new device is the Giraffe G4 Overhead Collision Alert System. This device uses sonar to read the height of an obstruction and alert you if your Fifth Wheel is to high to pass underneath. Below is a video demonstrating the Giraffe G4 Overhead Collision Alert System.