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Towing a trailer behind your Fifth Wheel

Towing a second trailer behind your Fifth Wheel is legal in some states and illegal in others. The States that do allow double towing often have a restriction on the total length of both trailers. The only way to know if you are legal is to contact the Dept. of Transportation or the Highway Patrol for each state you will be driving in.

Many states limit the second trailer to recreational equipment such as a boat, snowmobile, or ATV 4-wheeler.

Towing a second trailer impacts the weights of your truck and the fifth wheel hitch on the truck. Can the truck pull the combined weight?

Many Fifth Wheel manufacturers do not list the towing capacity of the Fifth Wheel trailer, so it is hard to find out how much the Fifth Wheel trailer can pull without doing damage.

Pulling a second trailer behind the Fifth Wheel presents a whole new set of challenges for the driver. Backing up is not going to happen. Fishtailing of the second trailer could be a real challenge. The second trailer should have brakes, but most Fifth Wheels do not have wiring for brakes at the back of the Fifth Wheel trailer.

Below are the states that allow double towing, but this should still be checked as they apply different rules to truckers and RV owners.

It can be a challenge if you are pulling a trailer with your Fifth Wheel across country and then find that there is a state inbetween that does not allow double trailering.

Alaska Idaho Kentucky Mississippi New Mexico Tennessee
Arizona Illinois Louisiana Missouri North Dakota Texas
Arkansas Indiana Maryland Montana Ohio Utah
California Iowa Michigan Nebraska Oklahoma  
Colorado Kansas Minnesota Nevada South Dakota  

At this time there are no Fifth Wheel Towing Capacity charts available from any of the Fifth Wheel manufacturers.

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