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Fifth Wheel Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Fifth Wheel weigh?
Fifth Wheels range in weight from 8,000 lbs to 18,000 lbs. Some bigger fifth wheels can weigh more, but the average weight of a fifth wheel is around 10,000 to 15,000 lbs.

How heavy of a fifth wheel can I tow? / How big and heavy of a fifth wheel / 5th wheel can I tow / Can my truck tow a fifth wheel?

To find out how much weight your truck can tow, you need to use a towing guide.
When you look at truck specifications you will see Conventional Trailering and Fifth Wheel Trailering. Conventional Trailering is tow capacity with a ball hitch on the rear of the truck. We want to look at Fifth Wheel Trailering for our weights.
Here is a link to a tow guide and a tow calculator:
2018 Tow Guide

Fifth Wheel Towing Calculator

What is the best truck to tow a fifth wheel / 5th wheel?
Here is a link to our Fifth Wheel owners data showing common trucks being used to tow / MPG and weight of rigs being towed

(Fifth Wheel Owner Towing Data / MPG / Truck Type)

Can a fifth wheel hitch be removed from the truck?

Yes the hitch can be removed from the truck by removing the pins that hold the hitch into the bed of the truck and then lifting out the hitch. This makes room in the bed of your truck for when you are not pulling your fifth wheel.

What items do I need to buy when I get my Fifth Wheel? Here is a link showing the items that you will definately need to get after you purchase your Fifth Wheel. Tips & Tricks for New Owners)

How do I hitch my Fifth Wheel?
Here is a video on how to hitch your Fifth Wheel (Fifth Wheel Hitching)

What is a Fifth Wheel Tire Pressure Monitoring System and do I need one?
A Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) monitors your Fifth Wheel Tire pressure and heat buildup while you are traveling. When towing a Fifth Wheel you might not know if you have a damaged tire on your rig while traveling. You might not even know if a tire blows out.

If you have a tire blowout, there will certainly be damage done to the underside of your rig and you will be forced to pullover immediately. This could put you and your family at risk if you are on a busy interstate. The TPMS will warn you before the tire blows and give you time to get to a place where you can pull over safely. Here is a link to our page on the TPMS you will need and how it works.
Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Is a Fifth Wheel easier to pull than a travel trailer?
Yes. Because a Fifth Wheel hitches above the axle of the truck, there is no sway from the trailer. The truck can pull a heavier trailer than a ball mounted bumper hitch and backing up is easier.

Can I pull a trailer behind my Fifth Wheel?
Yes. In some states it is illegal to double tow and some states only allow towing of recreational vehicles like a boat, golf cart or ATV.
Here is a link to more information: (Pulling a trailer behind a Fifth Wheel)

What can I use to help me when backing my truck up to the fifth wheel hitch?
You have no doubt experienced the frustration of backing up to hitch a fifth wheel. If you have a truck box you are also familiar with almost no visibility into the bed of the truck, so you cannot see the hitch to line it up. (Here is a cheap solution to lining up the truck with the fifth wheel hitch)

How can I transport my kayak and bikes with my Fifth Wheel?
Here are two solutions for canoes and bikes
(Kayak and bike racks) and (Truck Mounted Racks)



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