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How to Hitch a Fifth Wheel
Hitching your fifth wheel correctly is one of the most important procedures to learn before hitch-up and haul your fifth wheel on the interstate. There are many videos that show how to hitch a fifth wheel RV, but most of them are either incomplete or show a completely wrong procedure. The hitching procedure below shows:

How to avoid High Pinning which can cause damage to your hitch and cause the RV to come unhitched and drop into the bed of your truck.

The Tug Test is one of the most important steps to hitching a Fifth Wheel. You raise the Fifth Wheel landing gear an inch or so and then engage the trailer brakes and pull forward slightly with the truck. If the Fifth Wheel is not hitched correctly, it will come unhitched and drop onto its landing gear.

Have a look at our cheap solution to easily aligning the fifth wheel pin with your hitch when backing up to the Fifth Wheel. Especially when a truck box blocks your view into the truck bed.
Stress Free Hitching

Tips & Tricks from the Pro's

Here are some important tips from the pro's that will save you money and ensure your first RV trip is a success. Read More...

Why a Tire Pressure Monitoring Kit is Vital on a Fifth Wheel RV

Below is the damage that a tire blow-out causes to the side and underside of the fifth wheel.
The blow-out can also catch fire as many times the driver will not know that a tire has failed on the fifth wheel and will continue driving.

There are many Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) available for RV's. But the one feature that you want in a TPMS is the ability to monitor the heat of the tire. When a tire is starting to fail, there will be an increase in the temperature of the tire. That is the early warning. When the TPMS tells you that there is falling air pressure, it is probably already to late. The heat increase is what will allow you pullover and stop before the blow-out occurs. It is that early warning of temperature increase to total failure that will save you thousands of dollars in damage.

Below is a link to the TPMS system that monitors both heat and air pressure. For a few hundred dollars, this system is probably one of the best investments in yours and your families safety.

Click Here for a TPMS that monitors both Pressure & Temperature

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Question & Answer
Below is a Question & Answer video showing the features of the TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The TST TPMS is used for 18-wheeler trucks as well as RV's which shows the confidence drivers place in this system.

The BedSaver System
Stops your fifth wheel from dropping into the bed of the truck if it comes unhitched.

Click Here to Order Your Bedsaver

tst tire monitor

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