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T507 RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Complete RV Tire Pressure Monitoring system ready to monitor two wheels
(Additional transmitters can be purchase seperately)

Fifth Wheel RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This Fifth Wheel RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System comes with sensors that feature user replacable batteries. The system reports PSI and tire temperature in real time, while continuing to offer the user the continued ability to custom program up to 6 differing PSI settings.

The sensors in this system are super lightweight weighing only 12.5 grams each. Because of the lighweight sensors, no re-balancing of the tires is necessary.

The 507 RV tire pressure monitoring system does not require programming of each sensor. Simply hold the sensor up to the monitor and the monitor will recognize and automatically program the sensor code.
(Each sensor has its own unique ID number so that the monitor knows which sensor is sending data).

The TST 507 RV tire pressure monitoring system is accurate within 1.5 +/- PSI and our systems are accurate within +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit of the actual air temperature within your tires.

The system will rotate through each tire, showing heat and pressure. If a problem is detected the system will beep and the affected tire will flash on the monitor along with that tires current tire pressure and temperature.

We also stand behind our new system with a two year warranty. Our 507 system also arrives with a nice dashboard mounting bracket and a suction cup bracket for easy windshield mounting. We have re-designed the monitor for our 507 system to offer a more ergonomically friendly design, while continuing to offer the same data that has driven TST to the top of the TPMS industry, backed and supported by the same personal service standards that have made TST the only name you ever need to know in the world of tire safety and pressure monitoring.

This system will monitor up to 22 different tires with axle specific PSI settings. Our new system was designed by RVers for Rvers with safety and ease of operation at the forefront of our design intent.

The TST 507 RV Tire Pressure Monitoring kit comes with everything you see in the attached photo. It arrives ready to monitor two tires (You purchase additional sensors to monitor additional tires.).

The system arrives with two installation wrenches, a short antenna, a dashboard mounting bracket, a suction cup bracket, a cigarette charger, a hardwire kit, a detailed users manual, and the on board monitor display.

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Below are the Installation Instructions for the T507 TPMS System

Purchase The Kit

Kit Price: $259.00

T507 Monitoring System Kit with 4 sensors
(We can only ship to the USA)

Payment will be process securely by You do not need a PayPal acount to pay with your credit card.
Order sensors for every tire you want to monitor. 507 system sensors are available in quantities of two, and you may order as many sensors as you need. This system will monitor a total of 22 tires.

The system comes with 4 sensors included so only order the extra sensors that you need.

Price: $100 (2 sensors)

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I purchased the T507 system for my fifth wheel mainly because it monitors temperature. I could not find another system that has the temperature feature. I fitted the system and it only took approx. 10 minutes to get it all setup on my rig. Great system and I am impressed with its accuracy.
Tom H

Great System and I am very relieved to have it fitted and now have peace of mind that I am not headed for a disaster without even knowing about it.
Ken G

This system saved me on the first trip. I had an alert and pulled off only to find that one of my wheels had picked up a nail and was losing air. I would never have know this had I not have had this system and probably would have been stuck on the interstate somewhere.
Mike S

I use this system to check all of my tires prior to a trip. It's so much easier to turn on the monitor and see all tire pressures without having to go and check each one.
Beyond that I have alerts whenever there is a problem and it certainly has saved me a few times. Once the system is fitted it's easy to overlook what could have happened each time the alert goes off. I love this system and really believe that every Rv'er should have one for safety.
Alice M

I bought the 4 wheel Monitoring System last week and installed it for an 80 mile trip to our new RV park where we will be staying for the next month. I had never used a TPMS before and was alerted half way into the trip that one of my left front Fifth Wheel tires was increasing in temperature. I pulled into a rest stop and checked the wheels thinking that most probably I had set the TPMS up incorrectly or something was not working correctly on the TPMS. I had never had a problem with my tires. I was shocked to see a large bulge had formed on the sidewall of the tire that I had the alert on. I was about to have a blow-out for sure and the interstate was congested and full of holiday traffic, a nightmare scenario.

I could not have spent my money on a better system. I am so relieved that I averted the failure and the costly damage that would surely have resulted. If I had not have had a TPMS showing heat buildup I don't think I would have been alerted to the problem.

It was now my turn to see how hard it is to get a tire changed in a rest stop :) But hey at least I was not stuck in the outside lane on the interstate dodging hectic holiday goers and 18-wheelers and my family is safe.
Andrew B
North Carolina

I bought this system after I had a blowout at approx. 70 MPH. NOT FUN. I never want to have to deal with that again. The blowout damaged the underside of the RV and the fender area. All in all it was about $800.00 in damage. My nerves will never be the same!

Anyone who has not experienced a blowout at speed with a 12,000 lb RV never wants to. It's nasty!

Very happy with the system and I will never be without a TPMS again.

Silas R

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